We have been busy in the studio with our long term producer Ben Trow (Seazoo, Mowbird) at the helm. We’ve recorded two tracks, which we plan to release as two separate singles over the next few months. The songs were recorded in Wrexham and are now in the final mixing stage. Artwork-wise, the very talented Mike Payne and Andy Garside (Mechanical Owl) are busy working away, and as always our very own Chris Trow will be putting the videos together. We’re really looking forward to sharing the new songs with you all.

In other news, last week Lance performed 4 tracks for the DWOH acoustic sessions at Oriel, Wrexham. We’ll post the full videos on our social media sites as soon as they are ready.

We’ve also confirmed a gig, we play Soup Kitchen, Manchester next month (Nov 29th) supporting the brilliant Desert Sound Colony. More details here……

….. and that’s it, you’re up to date with all our goings on. Now doesn’t that feel better. x

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